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Automated computer-based assessments

The Vienna Test System (VTS) is a sophisticated, leading edge computer-based assessment program with over 100 specialised psychological tests in the areas of Traffic, Personnel, Education, Sports and Clinical and Neuropsychology.  This powerful software program is intuitive and the user-friendly input devices make working with the VTS not only interactive but also enjoyable. The administration of tests is standardised and selected tests can be batched together into "batteries" and automatically administered and independently completed by candidates. VTS9
VTS11 All tests available on the VTS have been developed according to modern test theory and contemporary scoring methods guarantee testing precision and test fairness. The expandability of the VTS is tailored to the users' varying needs. You can use a notebook computer, when you are on the move, a standard desk top computer on site, and you can even build test networks employing multiple computers in different geographic locations if necessary.




Automated Scoring

After administration, the tests are automatically scored. Test taker results are presented as tables, charts or graphs.  Test variables are displayed together with the raw scores and the corresponding norms. These norm value comparisons refer either to an overall sample or to partial samples, created according to criteria related to age, gender, education, among others. Results are displayed as raw scores, as standard scores such as T-scores and Z-scores, as well as percentile ranks.

The coloured profile report format makes it possible to assess results "at one glance", by providing a simple guide to whether results are in the low, average or above average range, in accord with the standard deviations from the mean.

Test candidate's reaction time, as well as the working speed per item, are shown on the test output. For some questionnaires an item analysis protocol, including all of the questions and answers given, is also available. Where answers have been omitted or where responses suggest test  manipulation tendencies, hints for interpretation are issued.

All results can be displayed on a monitor or printed. In addition, a multitude of options exist for customising the presentation of test results, including: choice of the comparative norm groups, the level of results detail, and optional graphs, tables and interpretative notes.






Customised Automatic Reports and Feedback

Should you require specialised test reports, Change Focus can design automated report templates and results feedback processes. Customised reports provide results in an easy to read format, along with behavioural interpretations based on the person's scores on each scale.

Customised reports can be designed for any area of human assessment. For example, we have recently designed customised reports to client specifications, in the areas of:

  • Personality based leadership style.
  • Job applicant alignment to organisational culture.
  • Mining dragline operator effectiveness.
  • Applicants for Pilot Training.
  • Locomotive train driver performance deficits.
  • Job applicant group comparative reports.

Customised reports can also provide specific developmental or training suggestions to improve scores in the person's areas of deficit. Again these developmental suggestions are tailored to the person's test results.

To take full advantage of customised test reports as tools for professional development, Change Focus also designs processes for providing feedback to test candidates such that they can understand and are motivated to act on their results.


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Types of Tests
Change Focus has a number of specialist psychological tests, which include:

Attitude, interests and values
Cognitive, intelligence, and reasoning
Psychomotor, co-ordination and visual perception
Clinical psychology
Biofeedback training and assessment
Neurological rehabilitation training

Industry Applications
A range of occupational and industry test batteries are available in the following areas:

Motor vehicle driver
Locomotive driver
Mining dragline operator
Trades and Apprentice programs
Sports and athlete
Health and wellbeing
Medical profession
Leadership and employee capability
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