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The organisational psychology services provided by Change Focus include interventions and services for individuals, teams, work units, and organisations. Our services are systemic solutions that focus on the engagement and effectiveness of people and the context of their effort – organisational culture, strategic intent, and political environment. The services are delivered through highly trained consultants and psychologists.

Psychological Survey
Insightful assessment for individuals and organisations

Uncover insight into the complex dynamics that drive human performance, assess your organisational culture and climate, diagnose workgroup dynamics and effectiveness, undertake comprehensive ability and psychological assessment.

At the individual level the Vienna Test System (VTS) is a powerful platform for assessment. It consists of over 100 specialised psychological tests. The software program and hardware  is intuitive and easy to use.

Professional Facilitation 
Making people interactions work

Help groups solve problems before they become crises, improve the effectiveness of group interactions, assist group members to gain greater levels of openness and insight, and guide meetings to reach goals and achieve realistic solutions.

Team Systems
Building high performance teams

Pinpoint the factors needed to design, develop, and sustain high performing teams, determine the need for teams and team structures in the first place, identify key team members attributes, build a compelling team identity for strong member commitment, improve group dynamics, manage team boundaries, and improve inter-team dependencies.

Change Dynamics
Designing and implementing organisational change

Use research based organisational change interventions, implemented through participative methods, which build acceptance and commitment, strengthen organisational member relationships, and tap into people’s strengths. Generate new sources of collective capability, and produce successful and sustainable change.


How do organisations build resilience to setbacks or crises? Although facing repeated adversity can help, there are better ways to prepare people. Like building optimism, creating positive emotions, or helping people engage their values, together.




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