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The Change Focus approach to creating organisational interventions commences by establishing a clear definition of the challenge at hand, progressing to find the "best fit" for action and resolution, and ultimately towards achieving empowerment of individuals and teams. We seek to uncover the unique strengths and capabilities that exist within each individual, group and organisation. Managers and employees often have a sense of this latent potential within their organisations, but are unsure how to describe it, build it, or take advantage of it.

Our approach does not represent a single model or standard interventions. Instead, it focuses on understanding and leveraging off the dynamics of unique organisational cultures. We are organisational practitioners, interested not in popular management fads but in interventions that are customised and grounded in science, with proven effectiveness in yielding results.

Our consultants take the time to understand your business and the working environment of your organisation. Careful diagnosis and sensitivity to the needs of individuals is a key consideration throughout the design and implementation of our interventions. Change Focus solutions are customised to your unique requirements, from the organisational culture all the way down to the individual employee and work team.

Working together to gain insights
Adapting to the needs of each situation
Generating creative and customised interventions
Getting people together to invent their own solutions
Freeing people to make changes for themselves
Designing systems interventions that best fit the need and context of your organisation, to improve the likelihood of successful change
Helping people, teams and organisations to engage in self-change to leverage strengths, feel positive emotions, be trusted, show resilence, and excel








We have experience working with small, mid-size and large companies in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, mining, construction, education, hospitality, government, technology, finance, and transportation industries.



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