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Change Focus solutions deliver a real and noticeable impact at both behavioural and organisational outcome levels.

People are involved in organisational challenges and opportunities that affect them – raising diverse issues, connecting people together, and building common understanding and commitment to action.

Ultimately, Change Focus services target outcomes that are both meaningful and fulfilling for people, and which produce sustainable improvements to organisational performance.

Our customers expect us to...

Create noticeable change
Think deeply with them on how best to configure their organisationís dynamics, leading to meaningful and noticeable change.

Build Capacity
Deliver programs that positively impact on their organisationís capability and future adaptability.

Target behavioural strengths
Focus on behavioural change, leveraging on existing strengths to build a high performance organisational culture.

Be responsive
Build long-term, responsive relationships with clients and their staff, allowing for the joint creation of new and exciting future possibilities.


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When you call on Change Focus, you benefit from an experienced team of dedicated professionals, who work and learn together, so that you receive a highly customised and well-designed solution to your unique needs. 

All of our psychologists are fully registered, members of the Australian Psychological Society, and have advanced qualifications in organisational psychology.






Leveraging Strengths

Which is the path of least resistance? Do we focus on people's strengths or work on overcoming their weaknesses? It is much easier for people to receive feedback that is constructive about their inherent talents. The key is in helping people to find leverage in their strengths in ways that cleverly address weaknesses.








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